Our Unique Mission

What makes our church unique?

After all, there are many churches throughout the world that share our confession of faith or that do many of the same things we are doing.

We see it as our mission to build strong disciples amid a skeptical world. All Christians should strive to be strong disciples, but we see a particular need for fostering spiritual growth, given our environment. We live in a city and in an era that is deeply skeptical about God and divine matters. We emphasize a thorough knowledge of God’s Word and of the grace of our Lord so that we will fully experience the new life He offers.

Photo67We are urban Christians. Too many Christians have retreated to the suburbs or the countryside rather than face the difficulties of the city. We, however, believe that the gospel has something powerful to say to urban people. We are proud to stand in the tradition of the Christians of the first centuries, who overwhelmingly lived in the large cities. We believe that the renewal of the church will come about from a willingness to engage the city and its hopes and its problems. It is, after all, from the cities that all things radiate out, whether good or bad.

We are a small, but growing congregation. If you are looking for a church with a fully developed program of services for every age group and every interest, we are not for you, at least not now. If you are looking for a church that is small and wants to stay small, we are not for you. If you are looking for a church that is small enough to care, but is interested in growing larger as God grants growth, then we are the church for you.