Pastor Kellerman’s Blog

Here are some of my thoughts on the Scriptures, theology, culture, and other items of interest.

I need to lay down a few groundrules before we begin. I have a life beyond this website and blog–gasp! but it’s true–and so readers should not expect me to be churning out 4 or 5 blogs a day and responding to all of them every 5 minutes. If you don’t hear from me for a couple days, it might be because I have sick people to visit in the hospital or Bible studies to prepare. And sometimes my thoughts may not have gelled on a particular topic to the point where I am ready to share them. Chill out and wait for the next blog. Right now my goal is to produce one article every week.

As a person who is devoted to sound Lutheran theology and who has devoted his life to studying and teaching the Greek and Latin classics, I am particularly interested in the interaction between theology and culture. For me, culture is not simply a code word for “politics,” and most of my conversation will avoid that realm since it is adequately covered elsewhere. Nor am I interested exclusively in popular culture, as is so often the case with those in the church who claim to be “reaching the culture.” Culture is more than TV programs or great works of literature. It is more than our history or our shared customs and values. And it is all worth exploration, especially from a theological point of view.

Note: because my blogs started overwhelming the church website (even though I am not a frequent blogger), I decided to move them elsewhere. Follow the link to the website below. There is one additional benefit: you can now comment on the blogs, whereas I never figured out how to allow that while my blogs were posted here.

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