Weekday Bible Class

The weekday Bible class meets Thursdays at noon year round in the church basement.

We meet on Thursdays at noon. It meets in the church basement, which can be accessed through the Paulina side door.


Job Rebuked by His Friends by William Blake (Yes, I mean the 18th century poet! He also did some remarkable engravings on the story of Job.)

We began our study of Job in the middle of July, and are working our way slowly through it–a chapter or two every week.

Before that, from January 2013 until July 2017 we looked carefully at the historical books of the Old Testament, at least those from Judges through Esther, skipping 1 and 2 Chronicles.

Note: The Thursday Bible class now meets year round, except for major holidays, such as Thanksgiving or the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.