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On August 13 we will host a picnic after church. It’s a great time to invite your friends and neighbors to our church and get to know us. It seems that is quite easy to get to know people while sharing some food, and so our picnic offers everyone an opportunity to learn more about their fellow church members and to meet new people.

A sign-up sheet will be available beginning in the middle of July. There will also be invitation cards for you to give to friends and family.


During July and August we hold our worship services in the church basement where it is air-conditioned. You may enter through either basement door. The coffee hour and other after-church activities will also be held in the basement.

Bible classes will continue throughout the summer. Also, the Theology Today study group will meet twice during these two months, namely, on July 30 and August 27.


The Sunday Bible class, which has been looking at the four centuries between the end of the Old Testament and the birth of Christ, is now looking at highlights of some books that were written at this time (such as 1 & 2 Maccabees and Wisdom of Solomon), but were not accepted as part of the canonical Scriptures, at least not by all Christians. We should complete our survey of these books in early August or so. At that time we will begin going through the Augsburg Confession in preparation for the celebration of the five hundredth anniversary of the Reformation.

The Thursday Bible class is studying Esther, which we will complete most likely by the end of July. When we finish Esther, we will have gone through all the historical books of the Old Testament except for 1 & 2 Chronicles, which repeats much of the same content. And so we will turn to Job for something completely different and learn what that book has to say to us about suffering and the meaning of life.


The Theology Today study group continues to work its way through the book The Church from Age to Age. Throughout the summer we will be looking at the church as it existed in the Middle Ages. The meeting schedule and topics are as follows:

  • On June 25 we will cover pages 251-295 (chapters 16 and 17), which describes especially the conversion of the northern half of Europe and life in the feudal age that followed.
  • On July 30 we will discuss pages 296-344 (chapters 18 and 19), which covers the development of theology during this period and the conflicts between church and state.
  • On August 27 we will go over pages 345-406 (chapters 20 through 22), which will cover the break between the Western and Eastern churches, the crusades, and movements to reform and renew the church in the late medieval period. There will also be some readings from authors of that era.

If we keep to this schedule, we will be ready to discuss the Reformation in the fall.