Latest Newsletter


For the past six months the newsletter has been announcing special worship services and events. With Christmas, Lent, and Easter, there was always plenty of special activities to focus on. But there is a lot that happens week in, week out in this church, and this newsletter will focus on more of these things.


Our life together always begins and ends with worship. God gives us His good gifts of forgiveness of sins and new life through Word and Sacrament; we respond with praise and adoration. Without this, we are simply an organization of do-gooders or a social club.

The Sunday worship service returns to its normal routine. The special music of Christmas and Easter is behind us, and we go back to using the regular psalm tones and Divine Service 3. We also continue to have weekly Vespers on Wednesday evenings at 7:30. It is a fitting way to conclude the day with God’s Word on our minds.


If you’ve been reading the weekly bulletins and noticed that the Bible classes are still working on the same topics for a while, you’re right. Both classes undertook rather large projects. The Sunday Bible class has been looking at the Augsburg Confession for almost a year. During the same time period the Thursday Bible class has been going through the book of Job.

Both of them will move on to new topics sometime in July, most likely. The Thursday Bible class will look at Lutheran piety, as summarized in the new book by William Weedon, Thank, Praise, Serve and Obey. We will listen to some podcasts of an interview that he did with Todd Wilken on Issues, Etc., and then discuss the points that he made. The topic for the Sunday Bible class has not yet been chosen, but will be announced in the July-August newsletter.


The Theology Today discussion group will meet next on Sunday, June 24, after church, when it will discuss pages 681-721 (chapters 40 and 41) of The Church from Age to Age. Both cover the heart of the nineteenth century; chapter 40 covers developments in England, while chapter 41 looks country by country at what was going on throughout continental Europe.


Some people have expressed some interest in forming a reading group to meet perhaps on some Sunday evenings and look at some books like Augustine’s City of God and other classics from the early church. If you would be interested in participating, let Pastor Kellerman know.


Our two main Mercy ministries keep plugging along: our food pantry and Generations. At present our food pantry is fairly well set, although we do appreciate your ongoing donations of food to the pantry. Generations seems to be doing better; after the Hunters left for Texas, there were some rather lean months in terms of volunteers. But more people have been participating in the last few months, and we encourage you to continue to do so.


  • First service in the basement, July 1—or on June 24 if the weather is extremely hot by then.
  • Church cookout, August 12 at 12:15 p.m.
  • Last service in the basement, August 26—or on September 2 if the weather remains extremely hot.
  • GCFD Hunger Walk, Sep. 15 in Jackson Park—not in June as in some bygone years.