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During July and August we hold our worship services in the church basement where it is air-conditioned. You may enter through either basement door. The coffee hour and other after-church activities will also be held in the basement.

The Sunday Bible class, the food pantry, and Generations will continue throughout the summer. Also, the Theology Today study group will meet twice during these two months, namely, on July 7 and August 4. However, the Thursday Bible class and Wednesday Vespers will be discontinued during those months and will be replaced in the fall with something new. See the next article, which explains this change.

Also, the Greater Chicago Food Depository will have its annual Hunger Walk in Jackson Park on September 7. Talk to Pastor Kellerman if you would be interested in participating in it.


In September we will move the Thursday noon Bible class to Wednesday evenings, and this Bible class will replace the Wednesday Vespers. The Thursday Bible class was geared to those who were not working during the day and who did not necessarily want to be out at night. However, many of the people coming to that Bible class would be interested in coming to an evening class. Moreover, we realize that there is no weekday Bible class that is convenient for people who work during the day. Attendance at Vespers has also been languishing in recent months. We envision that the new Wednesday evening activity will combine a light meal with a more informal Bible class.

Since we would miss three Thursdays in the next two months anyway because of the Fourth of July and Pastor Kellerman’s vacations, it seems best to stop the Wednesday Vespers and Thursday Bible classes effective July 1 and then come up with a revamped schedule in the fall. So, if you want to attend a Bible class this summer, come early on Sundays.


The Theology Today Discussion Group will meet twice in the next two months. The meeting scheduled for June 30 has been postponed to July 7. At that meeting we will look at chapters two and three (pages 47-78) of How (Not) to be Secular: Reading Charles Taylor by James K.A. Smith. Then on August 4 we will discuss chapter four and the first part of chapter five (pages 79-105) of the same book. The overall thesis of this book is that being a modern person does not mean one has to be areligious and that it is largely accidental that the West has become so. In chapters four and five Smith offers us suggestions for living as faithful Christians in a world where not everyone believes the gospel.


Our annual church picnic will be August 11 this year. We encourage you to invite your friends and neighbors. It’s a great way for people to casually get to know us better. After all, who doesn’t like food?

A sign-up sheet will be available beginning in the middle of July. There will also be invitation cards for you to give to friends and family.