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On January 27 (the Sunday this newsletter is distributed) we are beginning a 3-month discussion of The Saving Truth: Doctrine for Laypeople by Kurt E. Marquart. The study group will then meet next on Sunday, February 24, after church, when it will cover chapters four through six (pages 55-100). The book is available on Kindle or in paperback or hardback. Talk to Pastor Kellerman if you would like him to get a printed copy for you.


When we think of the church at large, we also want to think of the work of many groups that work across denomination lines on projects that all Christians can agree is important. One such group that we have supported in the past—and will do so again this month—is Faith Comes by Hearing.

We first became acquainted them a number of years ago when they were offering CD’s with the entire New Testament on them. They encouraged us to listen to the CD’s twenty-eight minutes a day, and within forty days we had gone throughout the entire New Testament. They asked us to donate so that we could get recordings of the Bible into the hands of people who are illiterate.

Most people in the world have a Bible or a portion of the Bible in their native language. (Translations are still needed in half of the world’s languages, but these languages tend to have fewer native speakers.) But it doesn’t help to have the Bible translated into a language if people don’t know how to read. Teaching people to read, though, can be a long process, especially for older adults. Thus, the best way to reach many people is to make the Bible available on simple listening devices. And so they now have recordings of the Bible in 1,237 languages.

After a while Faith Comes by Hearing realized that it wasn’t just illiterate people who needed Bible recordings. Our troops deployed overseas often have to spend a lot of time on patrol, where it is difficult for them to read anything, although they can listen to something being read. And so Hosanna developed some small MP3 players about the size of a thumb drive so that the troops could listen to the Bible while out in the field.

Our congregation has supported this endeavor in the past, often during Lent. However, this year we will do so during the Epiphany season as our special mission project so that they will have the funds in time to distribute Bible sticks at the beginning of Lent. If you want to contribute to this project, please do so by Sunday, February 24. You may use one of the specially marked mission envelopes enclosed with the newsletter or found in the church information center on the coffee hour table.


You will notice that on the coffee hour table on either side of the coffee pot are two magazine racks. The one on the right has the latest church newsletter, the Lutheran Witness (the magazine of our denomination), Our (the magazine of our district), and the Lutheran Layman (the magazine of the Lutheran Hour Ministries). The magazine rack on the left will feature other periodicals as they come in. It also will have the Portals of Prayer (a daily devotional booklet) and any special envelopes.

You’ll notice that everything is very compact but easy to access. The hope is that by putting the information right next to the coffee it will be much more visible than when it was along the wall on top of the church library.