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“The Lord’s Faithful Love” (Our 150th Anniversary Theme)


Forty days after our Lord vanquished death and the devil by rising from the dead, he was crowned king as he ascended into heaven and was seated at the Father’s right hand. Ever since then he has governed the church—and the whole world, for that matter.

Forty days after Easter is always a Thursday, not the usual day that we gather for a worship service. However, Ascension Day is such an important event in our Lord’s life that we observe it with a worship service in the evening. Usually we host the service and are joined by Trinity Lutheran Church in Lombard. However, because we are not entirely out of the epidemic, it makes more sense for them to host it and for us to go out there, especially because they have the capability to livestream their service. Pastor Kellerman will preach and Pastor Steve Wagner (their pastor) will lead the liturgy.

Whether you join us in person or by the internet, do not let this important church holiday pass you by.


We have three regular voters meetings: one in May, another in September, and the final one in November. While the two meetings in the fall plan for the next year, the spring meeting is mainly to keep members updated.

This year the spring meeting will be after church on May 2. All communicant members of the church 18 or older are eligible to participate and are encouraged to attend.


We are still working out the details, but we are trying to get enough plants to put down some groundcover in the church courtyard. We will try to get the plants delivered to the church, but then we will have to put down some fabric groundcover and then plant the plants ourselves.

This will probably take place on one of the Saturdays in May. Look for the bulletin (and your email) for more information.


The Theology Today discussion group is taking an extended break, since it was sputtering right before Lent. When we resume, we will look at John Kleinig’s latest book, Wonderfully Made: A Protestant Theology of the Body. We all recognize that we have bodies, but why? What can we learn about our bodies from the fact that the Son of God took on human flesh and has a body like ours? How do sanctification and holiness relate to our bodies and vice versa? How do we understand sexuality, marriage, and chastity? How do shame and idolatry cause people to abuse their bodies through either self-harm or obsession about self-improvement? These are just some of the questions this book will take up.

We could discuss all of this in May, but the book won’t be released until June. We will try not to singe our fingers on the book when it comes hot off the press and we begin reviewing it in June.

John Kleinig is a retired professor who taught Old Testament for many years at Australian Lutheran College.