Scripture Study

We believe in more than a once-a-week encounter with God and his Word. We offer a number of other opportunities to deepen our understanding of his Scriptures so that we can grow in faith and love.

We have a Sunday morning Bible class every Sunday at 9:30 am. It meets for one hour. At present we are looking at Deuteronomy, taking a couple chapters each Sunday. Enter through door 1 for most of the year, but door 2 or 3 during July and August.

We have a Wednesday evening Bible class that meets at 7 pm. It also meets for one hour. The topics are chosen periodically by the participants, and we then devote one to four sessions on each topic. Enter through door 2. Note: The Wednesday Bible class will not meet after June 30, 2022 during the pastoral vacancy.

Theology Today meets after church once a month, usually on the last Sunday of the month. We typically discuss a couple chapters or so of a theological work–sometimes a classic, sometimes a newly published work. Note: The Theology Today discussion group will be put on hold during the pastoral vacancy.

Those interested in finding out more about the faith are invited to attend a catechism course. This course introduces participants to the Christian faith by exploring six key topics that summarize what we believe: The Ten Commandments (God’s law), the Apostles’ Creed (a summary of the gospel), the Lord’s Prayer, baptism, confession and absolution, and the Lord’s Supper. All members of First Bethlehem Lutheran Church have been through this course (either here or at one of our sister churches) before becoming members of this church.

We also encourage everyone to read their Bibles daily. Here is a guide to daily Scripture reading that you can use, if you don’t have a plan that you are following.