People of all ages can use a friend.

100_1858 One of the problems we have discovered is that everyone, young and old, can live such isolated lives. In a very densely populated neighborhood, it is amazing how little sense of community there can be. Our neighborhood is full of young single adults fresh out of college, who may not know that there are still some senior citizens in the area, especially in some senior residences run by the Chicago Housing Authority.

Enter Generations, an undertaking of our congregation begun in February 2009, which is designed to build community by bringing young adults into contact with seniors in the area—and have both be a blessing to each other. From the management of one of the local senior buildings (Wicker Park Apartments) we found out that the best way to get seniors out of their apartments and involved is to host a bingo game, especially if we bring some food. Since the residents of this building already have one group that stops by on the fourth Saturday of each month, we have chosen to do the same on the second Saturday of the month.

We welcome young volunteers from both the church and the community at large. Our typical schedule is as follows:

100_186610:45 a.m.: We meet at the church to finalize plans and assign specific duties

11:00 a.m.: We leave to go over to the senior building and begin setup

12 noon: We serve lunch for the seniors, play some bingo games, serve dessert, and then clean up.

2 p.m.: We are finished with the day’s activity.

Note: Because senior citizens are some of the people most vulnerable to the coronavirus and the meeting room where we have the luncheon is crowded, we have put the program on hold until it is safe for people to meet again.