The Coronavirus and Our Church

Updated March 22, 2020

The governor of the State of Illinois has issued an executive order banning gatherings of more than ten people and mandating that people “reside in place.” Therefore, we have had to make the following adjustments in our church life:
  1. We are not panicking. God is still in control. Through technology (telephone, email, recorded video, etc.) we should be able to continue to connect people with his Word. When we go to the stores, we won’t hoard things as if the world will come to an end shortly. We continue to trust in the Lord.
  2. Because public gatherings are banned, there will be no services held in-person on Sunday morning or Wednesday evening through April 7 or until the order is lifted. Also, there will be no Bible classes or Theology Today or any other activities (except for the food pantry; see below) during the same time period.
  3. The Sunday worship services will be recorded in advance and posted online. Obviously, there will be no communion, and so the service will end with a benediction after the sermon and the prayers.
  4. The Wednesday evening services will also be recorded and posted online.
  5. A PDF worship folder will be created for both worship services and posted in the same place so that you can follow the service in print as you watch or hear it online.
  6. The weekly bulletin will still be distributed via email each week. It will be mailed to regular attendees and shut-ins who do not have email.
  7. The food pantry will remain open. First of all, we are many people’s “grocery store” and thus we really should stay open. Furthermore, we rarely have that many people coming all at once, and so we should be able to practice appropriate “social distancing.”