A wedding is a Christian service that asks God’s blessing on a specific Christian man and Christian woman, to be united in marriage. Therefore, these services are intended to be Christ-centered times of worship, regardless of whether or not they are conducted on church grounds.

Photo3Because the wedding service is a Christian rite and is steeped in Christian theology, both the bride and groom must be baptized Christians. Moreover, at least either the bride or the groom must be a member in good standing of First Bethlehem or of one of its sister churches in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod or must be in the process of becoming one (by being enrolled in catechism classes).  This is because everything we do in the worship service will reflect our Lutheran theology, which we believe to be fully in accordance with the Scripture, and this is more easily done if at least one person in the couple shares those foundational beliefs. Moreover, we require the couple to attend a series of pre-marital classes that will explain the Christian understanding of marriage, as well as give practical tips on how to have a good marriage. Contact Pastor Kellerman for more information.