First Bethlehem Lutheran Church is located at 1649 W. Le Moyne Street, at the southeast corner of Le Moyne and Paulina Streets. We are approximately five blocks from the North Avenue exit of the Kennedy Expressway (I-90/94) and three blocks from the intersection of North and Ashland Avenues.

Parking around First Bethlehem: If you are a true urbanite, you love the vibrancy that comes from the density of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, that same density can make parking difficult (although not impossible). We have no off-street parking, but you usually can find some parking either on the 1600 block of Le Moyne or somewhere on Paulina between Julian and North Avenue. There is free parking on Ashland, although it is often crowded, and metered parking on North Avenue. Many of the residential streets have permit-only parking.

To get to First Bethlehem by L: There are two L stops approximately half a mile from First Bethlehem, both of which are on the Blue Line: Division and Damen. If you exit the Division Street stop, walk north several blocks to Le Moyne Street and then turn left and walk a block. If you exit at the Damen stop, walk east several blocks on North Avenue and turn right at Paulina Avenue and walk two blocks.

To get to First Bethlehem by bus: The Ashland bus stops at North Avenue; after getting off the bus, walk one block west on North Avenue, then turn south (left) and walk two short blocks. The North Avenue bus stops at Paulina Avenue; after getting off the bus, walk two blocks south. The Milwaukee bus (#56) stops at Paulina Avenue; after getting off the bus walk four blocks north.

Choosing the right door. There are three primary doors we use, each of which has been given a number. Door 1 is used to enter the sanctuary for Sunday services and other worship services. However, during the summer, services are held in the church basement and can be accessed through door 2 or door 3. Also, door 2 and door 3 are the entrances for weekday activities, such as the food pantry and the Wednesday evening Bible class.