Pastor Joel Hess

Pastor Joel Hess will serve as First Bethlehem’s Vacancy Pastor, while continuing to serve his own congregation, St. James Lutheran Church. Here is his brief description of himself:

I have a wonderful wife, Julie, two sons – Henry and Sam. I went to Michigan State University for my undergrad and Concordia Seminary St. Louis for my M.Div. I love playing guitar, piano, banjo and other instruments in various bands. I am fan of Wes Anderson, Charles Dickens and David Foster Wallace. I love college bball and football, outdoor sports and of course traveling. Ultimately I believe in the power of God’s Word to open eyes of even the most lost sinner (like myself) and give peace and hope in any situation.  I am very excited about what God is doing in Chicago and the great opportunity in this incredibly dystopian society for the Gospel to be heard and believed by broken down people beat down by the darkness.

I have an associate pastor who will visit regularly as well, Rev. David Keating. He has a wife and young child, Phoebe. He also feels privileged to serve God’s people at 1st Bethlehem.